Facts about nutrition and benefits of durian

You peer at it so carefully when your friend tells you that the durian nutrition facts and advantages are truly something to behold. And still, something appears to be amiss. Because the simple fact of the matter is concealed. Past the bottle-green colored, ragged cover lies the real thing. The fruit was brought to your attention by your Asian friend who gloated about its health benefits. So, let us put this issue to rest and have a look at the durian nutritional value to understand what this thing is all about.

Durian Nutrition Facts

Let us make no bones about it. We Asians love our durian. We could eat it raw; we could cook a meal of it and we could also find it in our hearts to make a side dish from the seeds which another individual would be tempted to throw out the window. Perhaps this respect for the fruit comes out of the fact that we are well acquainted with durian nutrition value. The understanding, which I now pass on to you.

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Durian Calories

Therefore, if you are to have your little 165-gram cup of durian, you may rest assured, it adds somewhere in the area of 155 calories into your daily caloric consumption, only 4 of which are from fat, so that is surely good news.

Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats

Durians contain very minuscule quantity of fat as best red prawn durian singapore by its miniature 4 calories from fat. Now that that is out of the way, we can concentrate on the more prominent nutritional supplement in durian that are carbohydrates. The aforementioned serving contains an extremely delighted 40g of carbohydrate of which 3g are out of dietary fiber. The 165g cup contributes about 13% of your perfect carbohydrate intake, so that is got to be great news. And finally, on to proteins, durian clearly is not the ideal source of it, but the above serving will provide you 2g of protein anyhow. Honorable mentions for durian nourishment include Vitamin A and Vitamin C that are available aplenty. Additionally, it comprises a respectable quantity of potassium, calcium and iron also. Another piece of good news is that durians contain no cholesterol and 5mg of sodium, which is laughably low.