Get to know about the luxurious wedding of Ganesh Ram Lingam and Lisa Gwee

There are many people who want a luxurious marriage once in their life, and there are some people who like to attend a luxury marriage.Lisa Gwee and Dr Ganesh Ramalingam’s marriage has emerged as a luxurious wedding. They are both a good surgeon who is the founder of the company and also has very good experience for weight loss surgery.He made the best arrangements within the wedding party and made people feel different. Almost every person likes to enjoy a luxury party. With a luxurious party, it is also necessary that the person follows all the rituals of his family. Dr Ganesh Ramalingam and his family had followed the entire ritual and then went to the church and completed the next process.

Dr Ganesh Ramalingam

There are a lot of people who were the Invite Reeds in Doctor Ramalingam’s marriage party. Every one of them says that the party is very memorable and they also enjoyed a lot at the party, there was almost every kind of facility which should be in one party. Ramalingam and Lisa Gwee were well dressed in that they were made of very nice clothes and looked bright. When they saw each other, people started watching them. They both attracted to people because they love each other very much.

When they stepped into the church, people were staring at then and could not take their eyes off him because they attracted to them by love.Lisa Gwee and Dr Ganesh Ramalingam expressed their love to the public for the first time, and they felt the movement well.