Singapore Innovation and Design ideas to know

Our networks have been Focussing on innovation. Because as soon as the pressure is actually on, organizations want more than ever to find, capture and share new ideas for fixing issues. Innovation is a requirement. An ‚ÄėInnovators Council’ was Convened by the Cabinet Office at the core of government, to deal with the matter. This body has identified six barriers to innovation in the public sector, and is dedicated to addressing them.

They are:

  • The lack of transition service for inventions moving from first start-up phase into the mainstream
  • Tackling the unintended consequences of regulations; as well as the dead hand of procurement procedures
  • Clarifying the role of innovation support
  • Taking a Look at the way in which the operation of innovative projects is quantified and direction information is used
  • The current funding structures that disincentives commissioners from funding inventions where gains lie partly elsewhere
  • The culture in public services that both exposes innovators to significant personal risk and sets low expectations for what people can achieve for themselves.

Addressing these innovation¬†and design singapore obstacles will be Essential if the civil service is to find, encourage and act on the new ideas that they desperately want – fresh ideas to alter the efficiency and effectiveness of the public services. Some firms we have looked at have innovation management designed-in – so ‘innovating’ is just business as usual. Others try to institute a specified Procedure for encouraging and shooting innovation, or focus on certain areas like product or process innovation. There is not one answer that is right, and our community guests have agreed that the company and industry context will notify the strategy going to work.