What is so Special About Acqualina Mansions

Do you want to know why people prefer buying mansions at Acqualina? Acqualina offers you the most luxury houses. The richness comes with its architecture and lifestyle. The architecture is so abbreviating because of the work of architects, interior designers, and craftspersons. It is not only one factor, but it depends upon several other factors.

Mansions at Acqualina offers a wide range of houses for sale, rent. The floor plans indicate every aspect of the house. It has three to six-bedroom floor plans that have a size from 4,609 to 9,145 sq.ft. The new flanged condominium at Atlantic Oceanfront which has its costliest penthouses, which have a range of 16000 ft in a variety of $55 million. The full windows and glass doors, the fine finishing of the house, up to date appliances, and the combination are some factors that give great insights to its specialty.

mansions at acqualina

Places nearby

We often look for conveniences around our house, to satisfy us with every benefit that we can get. The areas which are nearer to these mansions are cinema hall, fitness center, Swimming pool designed in respect of the sunset, Spa, beach. In addition to this, it has a pet-friendly environment. Occupants can go directly go to Downtown Miami and South Beach and also close to the Miami International and Fort Lauderdale International Airport.

Additional Details 

With its splendid houses, there come the highlights of the homes which give the actual feedback of the home you are going to select. These details are the most crucial factor for deciding Highlights mentions

  • Sale price range- The price range of the home you want to purchase lies between $4.8m to 38m
  • Rent price range- The rent price lies between $22K-66K
  • Bedrooms- There are many options available for bedrooms which are three, four, five
  • Stories- it is abuilding of 47 stories
  • Built-in date- The date when the apartment formed was 2014
  • units in the building- there are around 79 units

Residence features of mansions

The elements play a significant role in making things unique. The features which have brought many people to look into this real estate firm. Explore Miami Real Estate has done a lot to deliver exciting features such as

  • Terraces with a lot of space, with overwhelming views
  • Summer kitchens
  • Pool on the terrace
  • Fireplace
  • Onyx bathrooms
  • Smart building technology
  • Floor-to-ceiling windows
  • Marble flooring

The Options of Dimensions

Ø Sale –  We talk about the dimensions, it is essential to have a correct set of sizes to select our house concerning our luggage, families residing. It is much different in the sale and rent. The dimensions are as follows

  • 9 x 3 bedroom condos
  • 5 x 4 bedroom condos
  • 2 x 5 bedroom condos

Ø Rent- If you are not able to buy the house. No problem, we have a rented facility. It also has a great sense of dimensions

  • 6 x 3 bedroom condos
  • 2 x 4 bedroom condos
  • 1 x 5 bedroom condos