Directions to Choose a Portable Projector

With many Portable projectors on the marketplace, the prospective buyer faces an overwhelming variety of features and options. This short guide can assist you with choosing the projector that is Great for your necessities

The vital Characteristics to consider are the following:


The Objective is Basically the amount of pixels projected on the screen. The more pixels you have, the more badly they are packed together, providing a smoother look to your image. The objective is determined up to the amount of horizontal and vertical pixels in the picture. The most well-known configurations have titles such as VGA and XGA that fill in as a shorthand way of referring to these the pixel objective.


Luminosity Is the amount of light projected on the screen. It is quantified up to a global ANSI standard called lumens. The higher the luminosity, the more splendid and more conspicuous the projected picture. The larger the distance between the projector and the screen, the more lumens you will need to get a clear image. To project a distance of 20 feet typically takes a projector with at least 1000 lumens.

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The Room:

The Qualities of this space are crucial to a clearly projected picture. A huge room takes a projector with more lumens to make it to the screen with sufficient brilliance. Equally significant is simply the light in the room. How dark can you create it? How much light will your viewers need. Prior to the audience arrives, explore unique avenues concerning the lighting in the room by opening and closing blinds and turning off and on different sets of lights, so you will know just what to do when it is time to darken the room for your presentation.

PC associations

Make sure Your portable projector singapore has connectors that are compatible with the notebook PC you want to use with it. These are generally hauled in wording like VGA, S-Video, RCA, and some of the time from the amount of pins on the port cables. This information can be found at the complete specifications part of the projector data.

Portable Projectors have different specifications along with these, like Contrast Ratio, Aspect Ratio, and Lots of Unique attributes, yet the key parameters Portrayed above are the principles which can allow you to make the correct decision.