Freight Brokers Online

Among the services provided by online freight brokers are such essentials are customer support, integrated computerized load tracking and dispatch, expedited services, contract negotiation, load consolidation, and claims processing. Carriers enjoy a year-round commitment, dedicated lanes, and, generally, increased revenue per mile based on a reduction of empty backhaul miles.

Freight Broker Basics

Online freight broker companies are a growing sector of the shipping industry because of the efficiency they add to the process and the advantages they provide to both shippers and carriers. Shippers should look for an online broker with Federal Highway Administration licensing for all 48 states. Even small business shippers should look for online brokers that offer a variety of services and for one that has a substantial carrier base, ideally numbering in the thousands. supply chain logistics

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Reputable online freight brokers, sometimes called logistics companies, should indicate how long they have been in business and the level of expertise of their key employees. They should be able to advise shippers about which modes of transportation and which carriers will best meet the shipper’s specific needs. Shippers should also ask questions about how the broker would handle their specific shipments and how they would handle any possible unusual shipments or rapid, significant growth.

Freight Broker Services

Quality online brokers will be able to assist shippers with shipments of dry freight, refrigerated products such as foodstuffs, LTL shipments (loads that do not fill a whole trailer), flat bed shipments (loads that do not fit in a regular trailer), truck load shipments, and expedited services. Shippers will often be able to access online information on the status of their shipments on a 24-hour a day basis.