Value of Multiple Levels in Mental age Test Process

Gone are the times when without aptitude in numerical ability was able to survive and even make a decent living. In the present stiff competition you want to be swift, precise, and accurate in your own decisions. There what you need is not conventional approach to issue. You should be accurately read the issue, quickly have the ability to analyse and efficiently act on solutions. To do this one has to be master of amounts. Conventional methods do provide us alternatives, but the methods are cumbersome, approach quite dull and a few times a very simple problem will have complex solutions.

Mental Age Test

After the properties of numbers are known by pupils, calculations which may require 15 to 20 mines to finish by conventional methods can be solved in matter of 15 to 20 minutes However; the techniques pre-requisite is that the student knows fundamental nuances of arithmetical operations. These techniques are best for students from grade VII onwards. Practically it has been seen that if students up to Age 14 years pick up these techniques into diverse level of proficiency. The younger the student is, the greater are the odds of success, and it is been observed that if interested the pupils of 14 or 15 decades also acquire tremendous advantage if they have the ability to persist for a while. For greater age groups a while if the pace is not set correctly than the very same techniques become boring. However, for younger age groups when the training is hurried it up puts them under unnecessary strain.

Few of these traditional methods esp. traditional abacus techniques do battle with the traditional calculation techniques taught in schools, this contradiction sometimes result in the state of confusion for the student. The situation gets bad to worse when school teachers and the abacus teachers, both require a rigid stand and assert that their mental age test is the sole right technique and has to be followed with a feeling of rigidity. It is reassuring to note that few of the abacus businesses have continuously developed these techniques and successfully eliminated all of the ambiguity from the conventional procedures and replaced them with pupil’s friendly methods that are in sync with how Maths is taught in the schools.

Few of these organisations, have investigated the subject of Mental Maths to create these program useful and compatible with college methodology. Experts from these organisations have analyzed these techniques in depth and exploited their full potential by incorporating various the techniques and using them efficiently for mental maths programs also. This initiative has led to colleges subscribing to these programs together with their regular syllabus.