How to Hire a Help In Singapore

Hiring a helper in our house has become inevitable in today’s busy world with more and more people going for jobs, taking care of the house has become a job. You can hire a maid without any guilt through agencies. Previously hiring a maid was an informal process, and things happened only by word of mouth. Still, hiring maid services has become highly systematic today, and you need to fill up forms with the government to hire a maid, especially if you welcome an indonesian helper singapore.

You need to take care of the visa process and comply with the norms the Ministry of Manpower laid out before hiring anyone. Hiring a maid is a pretty long and tedious process. Let us understand the process and at the end is a bonus tip.

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Process of Hiring a Helper

The selection Process

You have to search for the maid first of all. List potential candidates from different websites, shortlist them based on your needs and the information given and interview them to find a suitable person. If you find some of them suitable, do a background check, as you will trust this person with your house.


You need to consider it would help if you considered the maid’s salary in the first place. Generally, the salary range is around $500 to 800 dollars, and choose a range in which you can pay. A monthly levy is paid to the Ministry of Manpower for being an employer and hiring a worker. You also need to consider the helper’s off-day compensation and living expenses, which the Ministry instructs.


When hiring someone from another country, ensure their visa and passport are verified and updated. You will also need a copy of their identification documents to verify their records. You also need to take care of their medical insurance.


If you are unwilling to go through all this fuss, you can straight away approach an agency that will help you with the process, and you can relax.


Having a maid to help you in times of need is good. Hiring someone systematically ensures you hire the right person at the correct cost. The process can also be simplified with the help of an agency. Choose and hire an Indonesian helper quicker with the help of an agency.