Is Air Pump Necessary for Your Aquarium?

If you were a fish keeper, you would have come across various equipment sold to you in the store. But are they all necessary? Not necessarily, but you can consider buying it after knowing what they do for your tank and fish.

An aquarium air pump is one such piece of equipment. It may not be essential, but it serves its purpose in your tank. It boosts the process of gas exchange. Without agitation, the oxygen stays at the surface, and the CO2 inside the water in tanks. The rate at which they exchange and dissolve might be slower than needed. So, to enable the exchange of gases, we use an air pump in an aquarium.

Uses Of an Aquarium Air Pump

aquarium air pump

Air pumps do not go inside the tanks; they are placed below, above, or at the side, and only a silicone tube goes in that agitates the water surface and blows out oxygen into the water.

  • If you have plants in your aquarium, this might be necessary at night since, at that time, the plants use O2 and might need the pump’s help.
  • Fishes love the bubbles, and if added with an ornament like a small toy scuba diver or coral or treasure chest, the fishes are piqued and play around it all day.
  • If a fish gets sick and needs help, it is transferred to a quarantine tank with higher temperatures and higher oxygen levels. An air pump can ensure this and help the fish heal faster.

Bottom Line

Though an aquarium air pump might not be necessary, it has various benefits. It is worth buying it for your fish to keep the tank cleaner and your aquarium environment healthier.