The roughest edge needs a smooth finish

Polishing the metal-made product’s slight, the curved, rough edge is challenging due to its congested location. Ignoring such parts give an uneasy finish to your product, and the old type of brush cannot penetrate these areas. Therefore, electropolishing is the sorted option for this.

What is electropolishing?

It is a metal treatment process, also known as ‘the reverse plating process. It is done using a machine; the brushes move evenly on the surface and edges of the metal and give a smooth, even polishing. The material to be electroplated is emersed in a bath of chemicals that create an even layer of polish. Many electropolishing machine are available in the market, but not all deliver the best finishing owing to their old part machinery and worn-out technology. Our electropolishing machine uses advanced technology that rotates the metal in all directions for aesthetic, bright, and clean finishing.

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The benefits of electropolishing

A good electropolish makes the metal product corrosion-free, crack-proof, and gives a metallic luster that doesn’t fade quickly. Moreover, nowadays, electropolishing machines are preferred over traditional polishing methods due to cosmetic reasons; the machine cleanses, brightens, and improves the product’s visual appeal, thus increasing its market value.

Give a try to the world-class machinery today and bring home the joy of even polishing on the smallest of metal components such as the springs, fittings, nails, brushes, wire racks, and blades. Leave no corner uncovered and dull. Send us a sample before buying our machine, and we will demonstrate how it is done in front of your eyes. See the magic, and let’s begin.